PS5 Launch Title Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s Online Co-Op Delayed

Online co-op will arrive with cross-generation play and game save transfers.

PlayStation 5 launch title Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s online multiplayer will not make it for its release date of November 12, 2020, and will instead arrive in a patch “by the end of 2020.”Revealed on PlayStation.Blog, Sackboy: A Big Adventure will still support local co-op on launch day, but the online component was delayed to ensure it “is the very best experience it can be for players and we just need a little more time to get it right so you can enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family.”

The patch that will bring online multiplayer will also add cross-generation multiplayer so PS4 and PS5 players can play together, as well as game save transfers from PS4 to PS5.

For those who do plan on picking up Sackboy: A Big Adventure at launch, they will be able to play the adventure solo or with up to 4 players locally.

This news follows a big deep-dive reveal on everything players can expect from Sackboy: A Big Adventure, including why it will run at a locked 60 FPS, how it approachable but still challenging at parts, why PS4 players shouldn’t be disappointed, and much more.

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